‘If it is fake, it is not news’ – Prof Tawana Kupe on the context in which ‘fake news’ has arisen.

Posted on 3rd Sep 2020

The success of disinformation campaigns in the 21st century is due to the fact that we now have a category of news that has the name “fake news”. Something becomes legitimate when it has a name or becomes a concept.

Misinformation, otherwise now known as fake news, is a risk to many things: to academic integrity, democracy, socio-economic development, and to the project of emancipation and the realisation of a just, equal, equitable and sustainable society, and the environment. We should not normalise the notion of fake news. If it is fake, it is not news. We must call it what it really is: lies, misinformation, distortion, misrepresentation, etc.

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Author Professor Tawana Kupe

Published by Xolani Mathibela