Disinformation in a time of Covid-19: Weekly trends in South Africa

Posted on 24th Feb 2021

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc in our country, those who seek to cause confusion, chaos, and public harm, have powerful tools of mis- and disinformation to do just that. This week, as usual, we look at some key trends and then look at another big tech issue that hit the news, involving Facebook and Australia. 

Through Real411, Media Monitoring Africa has been tracking disinformation trends on digital platforms since the end of March 2020. Using the Real411 platform we have analysed disinformation trends that have largely focused on Covid-19. To date, slightly fewer than 1,300 complaints have been submitted to the platform since March 2020, with relevant action being taken where necessary. The image below gives some insight into the spread of platforms where complaints have originated.   

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