Fighting disinformation in the lead up to elections!

Posted on 28th Apr 2021

In the lead-up to elections, it is vital that we create awareness about disinformation and encourage everyone to report any instances of potential disinformation. Quality journalism and fact checks are essential tools for combating disinformation, but so too are:

  • Accurate, consistent, clear communication from key stakeholders on all election-related matters;
  • Building critical digital literacy skills to ensure the public can help immunise themselves against disinformation;
  • Empowering the public to act against disinformation by reporting it to Real411;
  • When dealing with instances of disinformation, having systems developed where all platforms and players are held to the same standards and the same principles apply; and
  • Having a multi-stakeholder approach to combating and mitigating disinformation. Our ability to limit disinformation is significantly enhanced if all key players work together.


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